Bakdil is the official Social Development   Organization of Tura Diocese –  the Catholic Church in the three civil districts of Garo Hills, Meghalaya, North-East India. Garo Hills borders Assam and Bangladesh and has a population of nearly 1.1 million people of whom nearly 80 % are the dominant indigenous tribal community known as the Garos.  Besides the Garos other non tribal people like the Rabhas, the Bodos, Hajongs and Kacharis also inhabit in Garo Hills. Bakdil started as  “The Catholic Charities” as a result of the refugees migrating due to the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971-72. Later in 1987 it was registered as a non Governmental agency in 1987. The word Bakdil stands for fellowship communion and inclusiveness.

For the past 25 years and more Bakdil has been in the forefront of Professional social work- be it  in intervention in calamities, human capacity Building and  Community Organization. Bakdil formed one of the first Self Help Groups s in 1998 and today has one of the best state of the art civil society infrastructure and programmes in the state of Meghalaya. The work and intervention of Bakdil has significance in the context of  that Meghalaya being  one of the least developed state in India as it is ranked 26th in Human Development Report among the nearly twenty states in India

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