Annexure – 2 Programmes being implemented by Bakdil

  1. Disaster Intervention:  Bakdil started with the name Catholic Charities in 1973 in response to the influx of refugees in the yearly nineteen seventies. Since then disaster intervention and disaster preparedness has been one of the focus areas of Bakdil. In the Garo Rabha conflict Bakdil was one of the first agencies to intervene and accompanied the community the Rabha community in Garo Hills until their life situation returned to near normalcy. In the programme European Commission for Humanitarian Aid funded nearly 1,15,00,000.00 Indian rupees worth assistance to the affected communities.
  2. Community Organisation:
  • The villages in Garo Hills had highly cohesive communities. However owing to many factors resulting from introduction of party politics and religion, influx of migrants from within the country and from outside the country the villages are  socially  divided. In this situation Bakdil has been engaged in Community Organization through formation of Self Help Groups and their federations and Farmers Clubs. Bakdil has promoted more than 500 Self Help Groups and a few Farmers Clubs and have begun the process of capacitating them to take control of their lives as against the political and social milieu of Garo Hills.
  • Community Monitoring- People from interior villages of Garo Hills are far away from any Health Care Services or preventive measures Bakdil has started Community Monitoring Project this year on 2014. It is a Community based Organization which aims at people change of mindset. Promoting Community led action in the field of health. Community based monitoring and planning places people at the centre of the process of regularly assessing whether the health needs and rights of the community are being fulfilled.
  1. Health: Health related programmes have been also an important programme since the start of Bakdil. In addition to providing curative services Bakdil has also been engaged in providing preventive and educational services in Health Care. At present there are two major programmes in Health Sector.
    1. Management of Primary Health Centres. Dysfunctional Primary Health Centres in remote areas in Garo Hills had been identified for Public Private Partnership in 2008. Accordingly Bakdil had applied and was short-listed as one of the agencies to implement the programmes. These include Gabil and Wageasi  then in East Garo Hills district but now in North Garo Hills district, Siju in South Garo Hills District and Babadam and Salmanpara both in West Garo Hills then but now Salmnapra is in South West Garo Hills District. As a result of five years of planned intervention, immunisation of children  has almost reached 100 per cent mothers institutional delivery  from almost nil has  reached around 70 per cent and maternal and child mortality has been greatly reduced. These five centres has almost most become model Health Care Service Centres in spite of great adversities.
    2. Intensive Malaria Control Programme. The strategic Planning in 2009 had identified Malaria as one of the greatest problems to be addressed inn Garo Hills. Subsequently in 2011 a major programme funded by Caritas India through covering 1232 villages has been initiated. The project is yet to achieve good results since it is programme that is being implemented in collaboration with the Meghalaya State Vector Borne Disaster Control Society.
    3. Women Empowerment: Women Empowerment is being promoted as a programme main streaming gender issues at various levels on the one hand and through promotion of Women’s Self Help Groups on the other hand. In the organization one third of Governing Board members are women while in the staffing almost fifty per cent are women. This is also being done in the villages and in SHG federations both at the staffing as well as the decision making levels. More importantly Bakdil has promoted Women Self Help Groups empowering them to come together, to save money and to learn about their rights in health and education sectors. As a result most women members ensure that their children attend schools daily, they get them immunised and have their deliveries conduced in a Health Centre. They are also able to access services from banks, Government offices. Having realised the importance of saving they themselves have increased the amount to be saved monthly. Issues like alcoholic and wife beating has been almost stopped or have been brought under control over the issues of training and empowerment.
    4. Livelihood Promotion through Micro Finance Micro Finance: To add teeth to the women empowerment programmes Bakdil has started Women Economic Empowerment Programme since 2010. Till date we have made available almost 20,00,000.00 Indian rupees as  financial assistance to  take up micro economic activities like piggery, dairy, poultry, goat-rearing , duck- rearing, petty businesses, tailoring units  and so on. The only condition to access the financial assistance is that they should be a member of the Self Help Group and should have a bank account and should have been saving money for at least six months. We plan to accelerate the programme to 10, 000, and 0000.00 over the next two years.
    5. Skill Development of unemployed Youth: Skill Development and up-gradation of the unemployed youth is the programmes that have been introduced nearly five years ago. Garo Hills is infested with militancy and anti social Groups. The primary reason for militancy and lack of gainful employment. In this background Bakdil has started the Skill Development Programme. The present programmes include, six month diploma in automobile, driving school and tailoring. In the arm sector, five day skill development in dairy and poultry and piggery has also been started. To address issues of feed at present a feed mill is being constructed in Bakdil Training Centre funded by the Department under BRGF.
      1. Career Guidance: There are  a huge number of  educated unemployed youth. Bakdil has been identified to collaborate with the Career Guidance Programme of the Chief Minister of Meghalaya. The programme has not been started as the programme is still in the development stage and needs  the approval of the Governing Board of Bakdil.
      2. Ensuring Good Governance: As mentioned earlier villages in Garo Hills has been highly polarised due to various forces and actors. Bakdil has been recognised as one of the best agency to conduct social audit ensuring the participation of the people in Governance and related issues. This programme has taken of through the MGNREGS programme and Director of Bakdil has been appointed as Ombusdaman. The tools and skills and experience gained in conducting social audit in more than 1200 villages will be extremely useful in conducting social audit in any other programme
      3. Child Rights: To protect and promote the rights of the children Bakdil in collaboration with the Child Line India Foundation has been running the 24 hr Child Line. The programme has been helpful to create awareness about the rights of children as well as to take up number of cases related to abuse of children and minors both physical and sexual.
      4. Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Food Security: Garo Hills could be a gold mine with regard to food production. But due cultural, technological and social factors Garo Hills is a food deficit and food dependant region.  In addition there is great destruction of environment and the natural resources through jhum cultivation, feeling of trees and other related issues. In this situation Bakdil has initiated a programme called Facilitating Agriculture Rejuvenating Measures (Farm) covering 20 villages. The project goals is to achieve food security and environmental sustainability in three years and to ensure these villages become model villages.
      5. Education Programme: Bakdil had not systematically started education programme although the condition of schools in Government Schools is pathetically poor since the Villager Education Committee is not proactive, teacher absenteeism, inadequate hours of school as most schools have just two hours of schools in the villages, and school infrastructures being very unattractive and finally lack of monitoring and supervision on the part of the education department. In this situation Bakdil funded by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation has started an effective school education programme in the Government schools in Resu Block in North Garo Hills district. Part of the programme funding will come from the Government from the SSA programme.
      6. Higher Education Financial Assistance Programme. The motto of Bakdil is ensuring Life Livelihood and Liberation. There are many poor children who are not able to proceed in professional and higher education due to financial poverty. Bakdil has started a small fund through donations received from various individuals including the staff of Bakdil and this fund is being utilized as financial assistance programme for higher education programme of youth who are financially poor. This assistance has to be paid back to the organization once the assisted persons are employed.
      7. Community Monitoring Project - People from interior villages of Garo Hills are far away from any Health Care Services or preventive measures Bakdil has started Community Monitoring Project this year on 2014 for ensuring proper Health and Nutrition including Health Knowledge to the throughout West Garo Hills. Proper Management and Concentration will be laid upon the PHCs and other Health Centres to function in an efficient and effective way and provide service to the village people.