Mrs. Bijonti Marak from Bamonpara village formed a Self Help Group (SHG) along with 10 other women on 10th February 2004 to collectively address the issues and problems they encounter in their daily life. Their Group was named as Balsimchi SHG. After being christened although they attended much training for Income Generating Activities, the economic assistance was extremely slow and therefore they could not start any livelihood development programme. But during a training programme on Dairy Farming at Bakdil Training centre she was identified as one of the beneficieries for dairy programme and received a sum of Rs. 40,000/-. The State Bank of India was to support a loan cum subsidiary from NABARD but after nearly 16 months of paper work, State Bank turned down the application and Bakdil on its own and based on sheer trust loaned out a sum of Rs. 40,000/- and also assisted to purchase a cow. In about 14 months she has nearly refunded most of the amount loaned to her.Her Annual income is Rs. 96000/- to Rs. 1,08,000/- (daily income was around Rs. 350 to Rs. 400/- and the monthly income came around Rs. 8000 to Rs. 9000/- , after deducting Monthly expenditure of around 2500 to Rs. 3000/- for dairy farm maintenance such as Feeds, Medicines, oil Cakes, etc).

She Says, “I am Grateful to Bakdil NGO for their support and financial assistant for taking up such a good source of supplementary income generating activities for earning the livelihood.

I refunded the loan money with my daily income by selling the milk in the local market. Now I can spend the money for my day to day expenditure.

 Also I have taken Loan from Bakdil Micro Finance under the Women Economic Empowerment Programme, a sum of rupees 5000/- for making the Cowshed. This loan is also refunded successfully.

I am happy with what Bakdil NGO is doing for the People of Garo Hills and I pray to GOD to help all the Staffs of the Bakdil NGO.”

The story of Bijonti Marak may be the story of every woman if they have access to the right kind of guidance and timely financial assistance.